NASSCO has been making tools for over 20 years for people just like you. Our tools have been probably been used on something you've seen recently. If you have seen an addolecent traversing a sidewalk on a skateboard his mode of transportation may very well been made with one of our tools.

We have also designed tools that have helped protect the United States. From below the surface of the water to the highest reaches of the atmosphere our tools are making a nation strong. Our tools have been used in the constuction of everything from nuclear submarines to the next generation in fighter aircraft; the F-22. The scope our products go beyond that. NASSCO tools have been used in constucting the most complicated machine ever produced; the Space Shuttle. So next time you see a photo from orbit. Think of our custom tools.

We can also design custom tools for you. All you need to do is let us know what you need done. We will design and produce a tool to meet your specifications. Give us a call for more infomation.

NASSCO tools; We make the tools that build your dreams

National Superabrasive Specialties

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